By ReturnRunners • December 18, 2018

Holidays 2018 - Last Minute Gift Guide

Christmas is almost week away and you’ve done it again: you put off holiday shopping to the last minute! Not to worry,  we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for everyone on your list. These gifts are either available in-stores or, lucky you, there’s still time for them to be delivered before Christmas.

For the homebody:

This person loves being at home and your gift should focus on making it even harder for them to leave!

Scented candles and diffusers are a great gift for anyone, but especially for your friend who loves staying home. These gifts will help them create their ideal chill atmosphere, and they also make for perfect decorations. Don’t worry about them not arriving on-time! Nordstrom is having free delivery by Christmas Eve if you place your order by December 18th! 

Scented CandleDiffuser

Give them even more reason to want to stay home all winter. A soft pajama set, a pair of fluffy JCrew slippers, or a cozy UGG throw blanket will keep them nice and toasty this season.

 Throw BlanketPajama SetFluffy Slippers 

For the athlete:

The opposite of a homebody, this person is always on the go and in full workout gear 24/7.


Wireless headphones are the perfect gift for the runner in your life. The six-hour battery life of these Bose SoundSport headphones make them ideal for when they’re on the go.

Bose Soundsport Headphones


Take advantage of Amazon Prime and get your sporty friend a Motiv Ring. This small and practical ring can be worn at all times and will keep them in track to achieve their fitness goals.

Motiv Ring

A duffle bag is, clearly, a must-have for this person. This Nike bag is stylish and functional, and the perfect gift for your gym buddy. Order it online and pick it up at Macy’s.Nike Duffel

For the trend-setter: 

Of course, you have to get this person the hottest pieces.

Graphic t-shirts are a great present they can wear all year round. This Commes des Garcons t-shirt is perfect for your stylish friend. 

 Comme Des Garcons Tee

Teddy coats are the ultimate winter must-have! The trend-setter in your life will definitely appreciate this fashionable (and warm!) gift. Get this Steve Madden coat from Nordstrom Rack in-store or order it by December 16 - it will arrive on-time even with standard shipping. You also get 45 days to return your items, so there’s no risk!

You can also never go wrong with a beanie for the winter time - this one from Aqua comes in three different colors. Find the perfect one for your trendy friend! 

Winter Hat

A Hershel backpack is another trendy and useful gift. If this person loves to travel or will be going off to school soon, this roomie backpack should definitely be on your list!

For the techie in your life who needs the latest and greatest:

This person is curious and always willing to try new things. These fun gifts would make for great presents for the person who is always looking for something new and exciting. You can order all of these items with Amazon Prime and receive them before December 25th!

Surprise them with the gift of virtual reality with the Oculus Go. Your friend will be able to enjoy countless VR content to keep them entertained -- there’s always something new and exciting to do with the Oculus!

 Oculus Go

For a cheaper VR version, perfect for both kids and adults, go for the Google Cardboard! All they’ll need to do is download the app to their phone and they’ll be able to experience the different games and adventures from the comfort of their home.

Google Cardboard

This Philips Pocket Projector will be an ideal gift for your quirky friend who’s always trying something new. This projector is the perfect size to carry around anywhere they go.