By Maria Valencia • January 15, 2019

Organizing Your Life in 2019

We are two weeks into 2019- have you set (and stuck to) your resolutions?! This year, instead of the usual “finally putting that gym membership to good use”, “eating healthier”, or “traveling more often,” organization seems to be going viral (thanks, Marie Kondo!) . Organizing your space helps you organize your life in general. Having a decluttered space can have an impact on your mood, behavior, productivity and many more aspects of your personal and emotional life. We should all take advantage of the new year to declutter our space, whether that is our home, room, office, or anywhere else. Here are a few tips to help you out and make organization a resolution that you’ll keep up with even beyond January:

Choose what you want to organize 

  • A mistake we all make is having unrealistic expectations. Become aware of how much time you have to organize before you start organizing. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to organize your entire house in one weekend – this will make you feel overwhelmed and, thus, more likely to quit or fail. Start with smaller, feasible projects like organizing your closet or even a small section of it. Similarly, it is important to visualize the finished product. While we all wish we could have the cast of some home makeover show to convert our homes into magazine-cover worthy spaces, it is more important to think about organizing as a way to take full advantage of what you already have. Think about how you use a space before starting to organize it. For example, if you’re organizing your closet you might want to consider accessibility to your clothes a priority. Keep this priority in mind as your end goal instead of having a fashion blogger Instagram-worthy looking closet.

Empty the space

  • Take everything out of the space you will be organizing in order to acknowledge how much stuff you have. It is easier to organize by starting with a clean slate. It is also essential clean the space before you reassemble it, so this is the time to wipe, sweep, vacuum or do anything else to get your space squeaky clean. Emptying the space will also help you with the next step.

Stop hoarding!

  • Now that you have all of your stuff out, it is time to sort them. Create a “stay” and a “go” pile. Think of this as a purge and be radical with your choices. The “but maybe I’ll use this later on” mentality should be left aside. You can sell the items in your “go” pile at a local thrift store or use online platforms such as Reluv and Depop. You can also donate your unwanted belongings to a local charity. This way you’ll be recycling your stuff, preventing them from ending up in a landfill, which does not benefit anyone.

Reassemble the space

  • This is the step that can be the most fun. Get creative! Use containers and storing devices that match your style and create your dream space. Here are some tips you might want to consider when assembling your space:
    1.  Make items that you use often easier to access
    2.  Store items in the space you use them in
    3.  Use vertical storage solutions for small spaces
    4.  Use sliders and small bins to better organize deep drawers

Good practices to KEEP you organized:

Only buy what you need 

  • Before you go on your next shopping spree ask yourself: what do I really need? Be honest with yourself. If you know you do not need (or love) something, then don’t buy it. Eradicate the mess right at the source by not allowing yourself to make unnecessary purchases.

Already bought it? Return it!

  • Let’s be honest: we all buy irresponsibly every now and then. Luckily, you can return wisely -- it’ll be like nothing ever happened.