By Kayla Chapman • August 27, 2018

Rediscovering the Lunch Break




Where has the lunch break gone? As the American workdays inches further away from the classic 9 to 5 model, the lunch break has fallen into the shadows with the forgotten punch-in time card and Dolly Parton’s beehive hairstyle. While some of these practices will not be missed, the lunch break should not be the next to go.

About 1 in 5 Americans take a lunch break in the first place. Those that didn’t, cited worrying about missing something at work, or feeling that their boss would find them unproductive. However, quite the opposite is true.

Experts say that a change in environment in necessary to a successful workday. The creative fuel you are looking for will not magically appear by staring at your computer for hours. By physically and mentally stepping away from your work, you can clear your head and jump back in with new and better ideas.

Additionally, the stress of the work day needs to be relieved. According to a 2015 study, a stressful work environment can lead to unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and excessive drinking. By utilizing your lunch break, you can alleviate some of the stress that can contribute to these unhealthy patterns.

This begs the question, how should you spend your lunch break? There are plenty of ways to make this time valuable; whether you eat lunch with a new colleague, take a walk around the block, or meet up with a new friend, your brain will thank you for the R&R it needs to get through the day.

While there are plenty of ways to spend your break, we know one thing you should avoid doing: making returns. Many stores’ hours do not coincide with the regular work day, making it hard to get this common task done during the day. Even if a store is open later at night, your free time doesn’t need to be spent doing pesky errands. Instead, use ReturnRunners!

ReturnRunners will dispatch a Runner directly to your office, keeping your lunch break open for your relaxation and enjoyment. Only costing a nominal $9.99 and an additional $0.99 per item, ReturnRunners can save you hours of time and makes sure you don’t waste money on unworn, unreturned apparel.

Your time is precious, so let ReturnRunners keep returns out of your lunchbox.